Thursday, August 9, 2012

A Gift for a Friend

I hinted on my Facebook page the other day that I would show you all something that I made with this fabric:

You see, I fell in LOVE-head-over-heels-serious-lust with this line of fabric from designer Valori Wells.  I thought that I liked it on my computer screen?  Well that was nothing compared to seeing it in person.  I actually like the purple one that I showed off yesterday (or the day before?) better, but all of them are gorgeous!!

And it was just sitting there in the box just screaming at me "Make something with me...right NOW!!"  When fabric talks to you like that, you have no other choice, right? 

Since I was planning on meeting a friend for some shopping and lunch last weekend, and the following day was her birthday, I decided that she needed a birthday gift from me.  Too bad I didn't decide this until after all the kids were asleep the night before we were supposed to meet...but there's nothing like a deadline to make you sew faster!

I've released these iPad sleeves in my other Etsy shop, Little Bitty Things, and they seem to be fairly popular from the amount of views and few purchases that I've received.  Since I didn't think that my friend had a sleeve for her iPad, it seemed like a genius idea.  But not even that genius idea could have prepared me for how beautiful this fabric sewed up...take a look!

Isn't it to die for? 

I've got to make more, because I have a feeling that they will be very popular in my shop! 

Do you have a project to share?  Leave a picture in the comments below (will it let you do that?) or a link to an online photo'll be fun to check out each other's projects, don't you think?

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