Thursday, August 16, 2012

RAINBOW Chevron!!!

Does it get any cooler than that?

Or am I just that much of a fabric geek???  Probably the second option, and that's ok with me!  Because when I came home to this little package sitting on my doorstep, I knew just what it was.

Even so, when I opened it up, soooo excited to see it finally, and it was all covered up I was SO frustrated...

But here it is, in all it's glory...


It's like when Ken meets Barbie for the first time and all the stars align's rainbow...and it's chevron. 

I could go on and on, but I won't...go check it out!

Monday, August 13, 2012

SALE at the Shop - Free Spirit Fabrics

Just a quick pick-me-up for your Monday...

Free Spirit Fabrics are marked on SALE in my shop!

Prints like this...

And this...

Or this one...

ALL marked down 15% for this week only (8/13-8/19).

Get to shopping...and have a Happy Monday!!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

A Gift for a Friend

I hinted on my Facebook page the other day that I would show you all something that I made with this fabric:

You see, I fell in LOVE-head-over-heels-serious-lust with this line of fabric from designer Valori Wells.  I thought that I liked it on my computer screen?  Well that was nothing compared to seeing it in person.  I actually like the purple one that I showed off yesterday (or the day before?) better, but all of them are gorgeous!!

And it was just sitting there in the box just screaming at me "Make something with me...right NOW!!"  When fabric talks to you like that, you have no other choice, right? 

Since I was planning on meeting a friend for some shopping and lunch last weekend, and the following day was her birthday, I decided that she needed a birthday gift from me.  Too bad I didn't decide this until after all the kids were asleep the night before we were supposed to meet...but there's nothing like a deadline to make you sew faster!

I've released these iPad sleeves in my other Etsy shop, Little Bitty Things, and they seem to be fairly popular from the amount of views and few purchases that I've received.  Since I didn't think that my friend had a sleeve for her iPad, it seemed like a genius idea.  But not even that genius idea could have prepared me for how beautiful this fabric sewed up...take a look!

Isn't it to die for? 

I've got to make more, because I have a feeling that they will be very popular in my shop! 

Do you have a project to share?  Leave a picture in the comments below (will it let you do that?) or a link to an online photo'll be fun to check out each other's projects, don't you think?

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

My Dream Job

I used to work a normal Monday-Friday 8a-5p job.  You know, for someone else.  And while I was sad to be RIF'd (is that really a word, or did I just make it up?), I would like to think that I've made excellent use of my time in the past almost year and have really focused on growing my Etsy shop, Little Bitty Things...and now this new venture.

But I gotta be honest with you.  I've never really enjoyed working for someone else.  I like doing my own thing, and I'm happiest working harder for myself than I've ever been working for someone else. That doesn't mean that I won't ever work in a normal job again (never say never) but that I prefer to do my own thing.

Because let me tell you...I've found my dream job! I can't explain the extreme giddiness that I get when one of these arrives on my doorstep...

Just to be opened and overflowing with lots of this...
Or these...
I feel like I've literally died and gone to heaven. What a glorious feeling!

Especially when I look at this particular lovely...

I love fabric, I've never tried to hide that fact.  But running a fabric shop? FABULOUS idea, if I do say so myself! Why didn't I think of this sooner? I get to be surrounded by beautiful fabrics all day long, and don't have the guilt of buying oodles and oodles of fabric that I can't possibly ever use because I'm not necessarily buying it for myself. Yes, i plan to use some of a lot of it top make the products in my Etsy shop...but the rest is just to pass along to other sewers and crafters like myself.

Which is great for you, I'm thinking.  So go on over and check out what's new in the shop.  I add fabric daily, and order fabric almost weekly, so there's always something new coming up!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Michael Miller is on SALE!

Did you see the post that I put up on Facebook?  In case you missed it, here's a little announcement via this way for you...

All Michael Miller fabrics have been marked down on SALE this week!! 

Save $1.50 per yard on all Michael Miller fabrics in my shop...that's a great deal! 

This one was a strong favorite last week in your selections...and it's on SALE this week.

Or how about this one?  It was probably the second most favorited print...

They're both favorites of mine...then again, I love all of the fabric in my shop!  It's a problem, I know.  Just ask my husband - our house is quickly becoming overrun by fabric...and another order arrives today!  Shhh!  Don't tell... :)

Monday, August 6, 2012

And the Winner Is...

The winner of last week's fabric give-away is...

GFC Follower - Throuthehaze!!

Congratulations! An email to the winner is on it's looking out for it in your inbox.

Thanks to everyone who entered!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Last Chance to Enter Monday Madness Give-Away!

Just a quick reminder that you've got a few hours left to enter the Monday Madness give-away if you haven't already done so!

I only mention it because I'm one of the world's worst procrastinators...see something I like, totally mean to do it later, then three days goes by and it's too late.  ;)

Don't be like me.  Enter the give-away, follow the link above to do so.

Happy Friday! Do you have lots of crafty plans for the weekend??? I know I do!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Free Spirit Fabrics Coming Soon!

If you've taken a look at my shop over on Etsy, you might have noticed that it seems a little heavy on the Michael Miller designs.  Although I will admit that I have a special place in my heart for almost all of their designs, I promise that I never intended to be a one-designer type of shop.  I have applied for and opened several accounts with different designers/manufacturers/distributors, it just worked out that Michael Miller's fabrics came up first.

Again, I'm partial to them...and I'm a one-woman-shop right now, so I have to start slowly and add as I go along, or good sales pop up for me to stock up on. 

So with that in mind, allow me to give you a sneak peek at our next line of designers to be released over at Little Bitty Fabrics...

Yep, next to Michael Miller, and good ol' Amy Butler, Free Spirit is a favorite of mine!  If the name Free Spirit doesn't ring any bells for you, maybe I should list out a few of the designers they carry: Heather Bailey, Joel Dewberry, Anna Maria Horner, Ty Pennington, Annette Tatum and Valori Wells just to name who I can think of off the top of my head.

Lucky for me, several of the shops that carry my line of products like them too, so I was quick to make them my second stop on the fabric shopping trip.  Here's a few prints that you should see within the next two weeks available in my shop:
Valori Wells

Joel Dewberry

Heather Bailey

Stay tuned for their arrival in the shop!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Monday Madness!!

I don't know about you guys, but I could use a little something to look forward to as far as Mondays are concerned.

So in an effort to brighten up your Monday, which will also brighten up my Monday, how about a give-away?

I saw another shop doing something similar on Facebook the other day and I thought "I want to do that for my followers too!" so here goes.

Each Monday, I will host a give-away for one yard of fabric from my shop...reader's choice! That's a $10 value!

You could choose this one...

Or this one...

Or any other one that you see - there are new fabrics added daily!  And who doesn't want some free designer fabric? No one that I know would refuse that!

Here's how to enter:
  • Follow this blog via GFC - found on the sidebar
  • Like the Little Bitty Fabrics Facebook page
  • Favorite my shop in Etsy
  • Favorite an item in my shop
  • Like this post on your own Facebook page
  • Tweet about this giveaway
Do any one of those things...or do them ALL for extra entries...and leave me a comment below telling me what you did. Be sure to include an email address so that I can contact you of you win!

The give-away will close at midnight, August 3rd and the winner will be selected by random number generator. I will announce the winner here and the Little Bitty Fabrics FB page and contact the winner by email. If email is not given, another winner will be selected.

That's it, it's just that simple!

Good luck!

Friday, July 27, 2012


Welcome to my Grand Opening!
I've had so much fun running my Etsy shop, Little Bitty Things, that I've decided to open another Etsy shop!

Little Bitty Fabrics is a shop where I be selling some of the supplies that I use in designing my products for my Etsy shop.  I get better pricing buying in bulk, so why shouldn't I pass that savings along to you?!?  As a slightly-obsessed-with-fabric sewer, I tend to stockpile things.  My obsession can be your I turn these products around and sell them to you cheaper than you can find at your local craft store! (That might not always be the case, but it will be in a lot of cases.) 

Little Bitty Fabrics will offer the following:
  • Fabric
  • Zippers
  • Size 16 Metal Snaps
  • Size 16 Poly-Resin Snaps
  • Lining Material - such as PUL
  • Organic Material - such as OBV and OBF
  • Notions - velcro, d-rings, etc.
The possibilities are endless!  I can't wait to see where this takes me...and I want you to join in on my fun!  Follow along with this blog through Google Friend Connect or like my Facebook page.  By doing so, you'll get all the information on weekly Give-Aways and Coupon Codes for you to use in my shop to make your purchases an even better deal! 

So come on!  Join in on the fun!